Summer School on Leadership, Entrepreneurship

 and Innovative Tourism

13 – 20 July 2019

A 7-day trip along the Adriatic Coast

Proudly organized by the PAR University College from Rijeka, Croatia.

Summer School 2019

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Begin the Journey

Start the Summer School Sail & Learn educational program on a sailboat in Biograd and enjoy the beauties of Žut, Telašćica (Nature park), Sali (Dugi otok), Piškera (National Park Kornati), Vodice, Skradin (National Park Krka), Jezera (Murter). Explore the beauty of the Croatian Mediterranean coast! Get your ECTS points, and enjoy your summer holidays 2019!

The Summer School Sail and Learn offers a unique cultural and educational experience for international students. The summer school program is based on innovative models by working in teams. 

Throughout the 7-day program, students visit a number of cultural and historical sights on the islands that help them develop a sense of local culture. This content helps them develop a sense of understanding  how tourism and life on the islands are intertwined. Besides that,  students get to know examples of innovative tourist services and products which help them develop their own ideas within the program itself.  The additional workshops on Innovative Tourism and Marketing help students develop skills to build their marketing plans and strategies with their team and prepare for final project presentations.

Students are situated on sailboats during the program, and share their living space and cabins with other students. Hence, the Leadership part of the program is present through all activities included in the program. The leadership thematic workshops  help develop communication skills for international teams, and raise team dynamics. Living arrangements on the boat throughout the program  are a part of the practical Leadership students face daily—with challenges and tasks aimed at increasing team cohesion and developing an understanding of various leadership styles and working in not only international, but also highly diverse teams based on the cultural , experiential and educational  background of team members.

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The Summer School Program

The Sail & Learn Summer School offers the opportunity to gain 5 ECTS points (3 credits). It covers topics from Leadership, Entrepreneurship and Innovative Tourism.  Join the Summer School 2019 and spend your holidays sailing Croatia.

The Sail and Learn Experience

Workshop Titles

Innovation: Idea Formation and Validation

Introduction to Innovative Tourism

Marketing Analysis Basics

The Structure of a Marketing Plan

Business Model Generation: Introduction

Business Model Generation: Start Planning

Destination Management and Innovation I

Team Awareness Strategies

Business Model Generation: The Finale

Destination Management and Innovation II

Leadership Workshop

Additional Program Activities

Guest Lectures

Feedback Sessions with the Program Manager

Teamwork and Mentoring Sessions (guided by the lecturers)

Sailing Lessons (provided by the skippers)


Video Production

The overall program goal is for each project team to develop a project idea in tourism.

Project Tasks

The students start working on their ideas on the first day of the program, when they form their project teams. They develop their project ideas as the program progresses, and in the final stage have the support of the lecturers who take on the role of mentors. The workshops provide students with the tools to build their project idea, the tourism workshops give them skills to develop content, and the additional program activities give students examples of innovative tourist services developed by local entrepreneurs and businesses. The leadership workshops help students develop skills of international communication and working in teams through photography and video production.

To conclude this experience perfectly there will be an opportunity for setting up a worldwide exhibitions. 

Program Description


Students who enroll into the program should have the knowledge of:

  • the basic economic and business terms
  • the function of a business and marketing plan
  • supply and demand, and their function in the economy
  • managerial and leadership skills in theory
  • presentation and communication skills
  • experience with working in teams
  • English language proficiency (the program will be conducted completely in English, so students should have at least a B2 level proficiency (according to the European CEFR)

Non-educational prerequisites:

  • Participants must deliver a doctor’s note confirming their health is in good condition and they can embark the sailboat
  • Students should state special food requirements when applying to the program
  • Students will have to agree to a sleeping arrangement and share the space with their team members
  • Participants must include information on the type of their insurance in the application
Overall program goals and teaching methods

Program goals are to:

  • experience various leadership styles,
  • stimulate team cohesion,
  • create a business plan,
  • create an innovative touristic project or product, and
  • design a marketing plan for a project or product.

The following teaching methods will be used by the program instructors:

  • workshops 
  • case studies analysis 
  • project work 
  • team work 
  • field work 
  • mentoring 
Summarized competences and skills

Competences and skills (Students will be able to):

  • motivate and engage other team members
  • identify various leadership styles
  • describe the benefits of writing a business plan when entering into an entrepreneurial project
  • understand and explain the structure of a case study
  • understand the function of a financial plan
  • incorporate tourist trends into final touristic products
  • generate innovative ideas in order to explore marketing opportunities

Sail & Learn Itinerary 13 - 20 July 2019

A 7-day trip along the Adriatic Coast

Two National Parks, Nature Park, education and fun

Students arrive in Marina Biograd. The departure from the Marine is on Saturday (13th July 2019.) between 4 and 6 pm.

The nearest airport to Biograd is the Zadar airport. However, the airport in Split is not far away and as well the airport in Zagreb which has excellent connections and a frequent bus line that goes towards Zadar.

In Biograd, participants are divided into groups and embark sailboats (the summer school participants and the business track participants are divided) and situated in cabins.

Program Destinations

Wonderful Adriatic treasures


Telašćica Bay is located in the central part of the eastern coast of the Adriatic Sea, in the south-eastern part of the island of Dugi Otok. For its extreme beauty, richness and importance, this bay surrounded by 13 islands and islets, together with 6 islets inside the bay itself, was proclaimed a Nature Park in 1988. 

More about Nature park Telašćica

The ACI Marina Piškera is a particular favourite amongst boaters because it is located halfway through the Kornati National Park, and is surrounded by a mosaic of islands and islets, rocks and lighthouses. It is situated between the islands of Piškera and Panitula Vela, on the northern coast of the island of Panitula Vela. 

ACI Marina Piškera

When speaking about the 6000 year long existence of the Skradin area, historians endowed with wisdom search for the reasons of that continuity in its location and geo-strategic position.
History always looks for great and sensible reasons. However, the truth is often much simpler since people and everyday life are smarter than history. Skradin is simply magical in its each and every detail.

More about Skradin

Krka National Park lies within Šibenik-Knin County, and covers a total area of 109 km² of the loveliest sections of the Krka River, and the lower course of the Čikola River. The national park is a vast and primarily unaltered area of exceptional natural value, including one or more preserved or insignificantly altered ecosystems. The purpose of the park is primarily to serve science, culture, education and recreation, while tourism activities have also been introduced for its visitors.

More about Krka National Park

Biograd na Moru was once considered as the crown city of Croatian kings. But today it is a well-recognised nautical and tourist centre situated at the very heart of the Adriatic Coast. The city, tailored to suit everyone’s preferences, lies on the peninsula surrounded by a promenade and contemporary marinas from which a memorable view can be seen all the way to the Pasman Channel and islets scattered in it.

More about Biograd na Moru

Sali is the municipal and administrative centre of the island and the place with the largest population. It is located on the north-eastern coast of the island and has a very well established excursion, nautical and sports tourism. In Sali guests have a medical and dental clinic, a post office, an ATM, a Harbour branch office and an arranged mooring for ships at their service. 

More about Dugi otok - Sali

Jezera, the town of seafarers, fishermen and divers is located on the southeast side of the island of Murter. Jezera is secluded into a horseshoe shaped bay that is surrounded by gentle hills. Due to its natural position, the town is not exposed to strong winds and its cove is an ideal port for ships. The town has 960 inhabitants. There are two local beaches and a promenade at the entrance to the bay (port).

More about Jezera

The town of Vodice is a tourist centre famous for its lively and various tourist offer and pleasant people. It is a coastal town located in a wide bay, 11 km northwest from the town of Šibenik, the centre of Šibenik-knin County. The town of Vodice numbers 10,000 inhabitants, and is considered an ideal place for vacation where everyone can find something that they will enjoy. 

More about Vodice

Sail & Learn offers

Included with your registration:

The program and the trip include
  • An academic program with 5 ECTS points
  • A 7-day trip along the beautiful Croatian coast and islands  
  • Accommodation on the sailboat with towels and linens
  • Sightseeing and excursions as part of the academic program
  • Professional skipper with excellent local knowledge and sailing lessons
  • Free Wi-Fi on the sailboat
  • Supplies for preparing meals (breakfast / lunch /dinner)
  • Port fees, tourist taxes, and fuel
  • A Certificate of Completion, and a Transcript of Records issued by the institution
Prices and Registration


PROGRAM DATES: 13 – 20 July 2019

Application deadline (extended): 29 June 2019

Registration fee: 1.390 EUR (payable in installments)

Special offer: price for shared cabins – bring a friend and save up money, get the price payable in installments: 1.100 EUR/each

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